Maria & Diome

I love love LOVE these guys. Diome is a fellow photog and we met a few years ago when I moved in next door to them. We were both starting out and we would geek out on taking pictures while Maria offered me wine…. instant love ❤️! Over the next few years they became dear friends and super duper special to me.

In February, Diome asked me if I would help him surprise his lovely wifey by taking their picture. He’s been so busy behind the lens and really wanted to surprise Maria for Valentine’s Day, her birthday and I’m pretty sure there’s another special day in there that falls on the same day as everything else. Of course, I agreed!

We met in downtown L.A. and I’ll never forget the look on Maria’s face when she saw me and wondered “why the heck is that short girl taking our picture?!!”

SURPRISE!! Happy…. everything!

We had a blast. And after 17 years of marriage, you can still see the love.



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Dennis & Jackie

I’ve known Dennis for a very long time and when he asked me to be a part of his 10 year celebration, I couldn’t have been happier. 10 years seems like an eternity in today’s world and definitely worthy of a party. I want to wish you guys a happy 10 year anniversary and wish that God will bless you with many more. Here are a few of the shots from that day.


Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas Eve at my sister-in-law’s house and had a blast. She is much better than I am at getting into the spirit of the holidays when it comes to decorating. She has these great little ornaments on the tree and the theme baked goods were to die for. After a great time it was nice to look back and say goodbye to L.A. Hope you had a great time as well.


Olvera Street

A couple of weeks ago I had an engagement shoot at Olvera St. in Los Angeles. Like I mentioned in that blog, I’ve been to Olvera St. a million times but never like this, never specifically to take pictures here. I saw the place in a whole new light. The vibrant colors and vintage feel of the place made for such a great ambiance for pictures. If you’re from the L.A. area and have never been, you should definitely visit and maybe do a photo walk. You’ll be impressed with all the great little places to take pictures. Click here to see more.

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