Family Hike

The day was absolutely gorgeous today. Clear, sunny 70 degree weather. We decided to take the girls and the dogs for a hike, this was the first time taking the girls with us. We drove over to the Palos Verdes Peninsula where you can find a million trails with the ocean view in front of you. We started out at the top and it was smooth sailing going down. The climb back up was too much for the two year old so we had to take turns carrying her back up the hill.

And before I forget to mention, on the way down I was holding her when I slipped and almost went face forward with her. Instead I folded my legs beneath me as fast as I could so I fell straight on my knee… ouch! That made for a great hike… however, the view made me forget about my achy knee. Click here for a few more shots.

Little Nina – Miracle Child

This past weekend I had the opportunity to photograph my friend’s three musketeers. Their father and I have been friends since I was in Jr. High School so this little project was a blast. Baby Nina, who is almost 4 now, went through a lifetime worth of chaos before she was 1. When Nina was 4 months old she was diagnosed with Biliary Atresia, a life threatening disease that attacks the liver. 3 years ago tomorrow Nina went through a second liver transplant, the first one was rejected by her body, and here she is now. A happy, healthy, adorable little angel. A miracle indeed.

Griffith Park

Today was Martin Luther King Jr. Day and the kindergartener had the day off, so did I. We decided to head on over to Griffith Park and enjoy the beautiful 90 degree weather :-D.  We found this beautiful Merry-go-round .  The girls had a blast and the beautiful lighting made for a great picture.

Photographer down

Thank you for checking in. I’m feeling under the weather, way under. I’ll be back with more photos as soon as I can move again. Have a great weekend!

Let it snow

Yesterday I decided to go visit one of my closest friends.  She lives about 50 miles away from me so the drive is never something I look forward to in L.A. traffic, until yesterday.  We had another storm come through, yes, we’re spoiled… but we’re just not used to this much rain.  To my surprise, as I got closer to her house, instead of rain I encountered beautiful snow.  The girls were so excited to see snow falling on us, it was a great drive after all.

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