Night Lights

I bought a couple of new lenses and they arrived yesterday. My husband found this little place overlooking the Los Angeles airport where you can watch the planes land, so we bundled up the girls and off we went. My intention was to try out this one specific lens but I ended up shooting with my all time favorite, the Canon 50mm f/1.4. The airport looks so pretty, I just feel bad for anyone that lives right next to this place, it’s sooo loud! Happy Thursday.

Music Lover

I was born into somewhat of a musical family.  Both my parents sing, I try to sing and one of my brothers is a great musician (jury is still out on my youngest brother).  I know that in a lot of families pursuing music is frowned upon, but in our family music is almost a requirement to be part of the family.  You just must be able to jam.

I am always hopeful that my daughters will carry the music gene and that one day their musical ability will mature… and I pray every day that they will have rhythm!  But for now, I smile when they pick up an instrument and attempt to make music.

A little piece of heaven

If you follow my posts you know that last week was my mom’s birthday.  I decided to forego the usual birthday cake routine and decided to get something spectacular, in my eyes at least.  There is this great Cuban bakery called Portos and their menu is to die for.  They have these amazing cheese rolls that melt in your mouth, and the sandwiches… finger licking good. But when I saw this Triple chocolate mousse my search was over, I had to have it.  They’re individual size so they are perfect if you don’t like sharing.  And yes, it was as good as it looks, maybe better.

Look Ma, No Training Wheels

This moment was weeks in the making.  We decided that it was time for the 5 year old to learn how to ride her bike without the training wheels so off they went.   I was a little hesitant at first because she has a tendency to be very clumsy, just like her mama.

She was really nervous and had a few moments in the beginning when she didn’t want to try any more but that wasn’t going to happen.  She was really wobbly and kept getting frustrated that she couldn’t get it but yesterday was a special day.  In the backyard she decided that she needed to try again… on her own… and she did.  She tried and tried and finally got it down.  Of course I had to run in as fast as my feet would take me and grab my camera for this special moment.  I feel like this moment came too fast, next thing you know she’ll be mastering another set of wheels… where does the time go.  Click here for a few more shots of this special day.

My Backyard

We have this banana tree in the backyard and I’m totally intrigued by it. It gives these tiny little bananas but I don’t know how, we hardly water this thing. Because of all the rain we had recently (yes, by all I mean a whole week) my backyard is looking extra nice, even the banana tree… or plant… whatever it is. Click here for a few more pictures.

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