I’ve been dealing with two very sick kiddos over the last week and half and I’m in desperate need of a germ-free vacation.  

Over the weekend I ventured out to the backyard with my camera and captured what I considered to be the most beautiful combination of blue sky and puffy white clouds (my favorite).  So since a vacation does not seem to be in my near future, I’ll pretend I’m laying out on a tropical beach somewhere enjoying the clouds.  Happy Wednesday everyone!

Master Mechanic

That should be my title, in addition to all the other ones I have.  My husband’s hobby is restoring old cars and his new project is this 1942 Fleetline.  Every time he starts a new project he gets help from friends but with every car it seems that I’m the one that ends up being his number one assistant.  I do have to say that I don’t mind at all (most of the time), and they definitely don’t make them like they used to.

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By the time I was born I only had one lovely grandmother left, I feel like I totally missed out on the grandpa experience. That might explain why I get so excited when my dad drops by to hang out with the girls.  The oldest has been sick for over a week and they hadn’t seen Tata until yesterday.  He stopped by after church and subjected himself to a fun beating from the girls, suit & tie still on.  I’m happy that they get to have these fun memories with him.  Click here for a few more pictures.

In sickness and in health…

My daughter was sick over the weekend and I had to take her into the ER to be examined, thankfully she’s going to be ok. While we were there I was drawn to this old couple waiting to be seen as well. Because there is no such thing as whispering secrets in the ER I was touched to hear about the sweet lady having to go through chemo in the morning. Her husband was sitting right by her side the whole time we were there, about 9 hours. I get a little choked up every time I think back to just how tight his grip was on her hand… never letting go.

The Queen Mary

I can’t believe it’s been a week since my last picture session at the Queen Mary. If you haven’t visited the Queen I recommend you spend a day strolling around this gorgeous area of Long Beach, CA. You can find a ton of restaurants and great places to sit and enjoy the view. Have a great weekend everyone.

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