Twinkle Toes

This past weekend I visited my friend (BFF in today’s terms), it’s always a blast when we hang out.  Whenever we get together there are a total of 8 kids (I only have two, you do the math :-D).  She has a gorgeous six month old and I just had to take his picture.  He has the face of an angel, click here to see it.

Chin Chin

My love affair continues.

I was introduced to Chin Chin back in the 90’s and have been in love with it ever since. I dream about it, I plan to visit months in advanced…. there’s one in Vegas, even better! 😀

I met my friends for dinner there last night.  We hadn’t seen each other since last year so it was definitely time to catch up. I convinced them to try this awesome place they’d never been to before, I can be manipulative at times, but I needed Chin Chin yesterday like I need air.  It was a great time with the girls, can’t wait to do it again in about a year… yup, that’s how often I see my friends.

I’m not much of a drinker but this crazy girl sure likes her beer.

These are the best little dumplings on the face of the earth, they are my favorite! They are called Szechuan Dumplings, a must try.

Another favorite of mine, the Chinese Chicken salad.  I’ve tried others but none ever compare to this delicious salad.

Strawberry Season

My daughters love, love, LOVE strawberries.  The 5 year old looks forward to strawberry season every year and she always begs me to make chocolate covered strawberries.  I started making them one summer after it hurt to pay $8.00 for one chocolate strawberry at the mall.  Did I mention $8.00 for ONE strawberry?  Highway robbery!

So, in case you’re feeling creative and want to try them yourselves, they are super easy to make.

1. Start with freshly washed strawberries, make sure you pat them dry.  Put aside for now.

2. Then get dark chocolate baking chips and place them in a microwavable plate.

3. Place in the microwave in 30 second intervals, stir in between intervals to soften up the chips until they’re completely melted.  Do NOT over microwave or the chocolate will get yucky… yes… yucky.

4. Dip the strawberries and place unto a plate covered with wax/baking paper.  Place in the refrigerator for the chocolate to harden and voila!

5. Enjoy.

Winter Sky

If you’ve been here before you can see a trend, I’m obsessed with cloudy skies. There’s something about it. The way the blue peeks through the clouds or a bright ray of light shines through. I don’t know exactly what it is and it doesn’t matter how many times I see a perfect sky, I have to capture it every time. It just takes me breath away.

Cupcake heaven

My mom stopped by the other day with a little  get well cupcake for the girls and I always love taking pictures of pretty little pastries.  Just as I was about to snap the picture a sneaky little hand worked its way into the frame for a little piece of cupcake heaven.

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